Accidently Saved Over some Plot Details

Wasn’t as upset about it as I thought I might be. Instead I just kept on taking my new notes and solidifying the concepts. To be honest, I’m actually kind of looking forward to eventually rewriting much of the plot. It’s how I’m approaching the newer material these days.

Plotting for the first volume has been completed. Next are the layouts.

Actually don’t read that many Webcomics

Trying to amend that fact. 

Put in some more work. The character sheets are coming along nicely. Gonna see if I can get on some writing done later today. Finally giving form to some of these new ideas has been very liberating, and it has me going the extra mile to make sure the characters come out just right. Devil is in the details, you know.

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That Old Serpent

So it’s about a week after I said I’d post something new, and here I am finally posting about something new. I first and foremost wanna thank everyone that’s been trying their best to keep up with me and what I’ve been doing. I’ve been very elusive, and half the time I’ve forgotten to do any sort of write up about the headway I make. So thank you, it’s my hope to make all the waiting worth your while.


That said, after much back and forth, discussions with friends and loved ones, and struggling with nonsense of my own, I’ve finally locked in my next major project. And while I won’t drop the name quite yet, I will say that it’s looking to be darker, more raw, and in some senses, even campier than other things I’ve worked on. It’s a mixture of a lot of things. I’ve had a lot to process in the past couple of years, and I believe this new comic series will be a manifestation of that.


I’ve spent the past year or so in particular experimenting with different ways to create comics, but this new project has me revisiting tried and tested personal methods. Beat-sheets, full scripts, the whole nine yards. I don’t think I’ve ever worked on a project I have been both so satisfied and yet so completely horrified by. If I can convey just an inkling of that mixture, and it resonates with people, it’ll that much more fulfilling for me.


While my personal “Summer of Comics” challenge is still on, I feel that it has changed form. Changed focus. Personally, I’m just glad to be back on the ball. And I really only have my close friends and siblings-in-arms in the comics game to thank.

I’m currently in the writing process for the first book. At this point I can’t quite tell if any amount of the comic will be online in time for SPX, but I’ll certainly try for it. Thanks for reading. There’ll be more soon, and more often.

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