Latest Work

Esper's Toxin (2013)
Dark Fantasy / Short-Story
Comic Zine

Fajita (2009)
Urban Fantasy / Ongoing

About: ScenicFrolic    //

ScenicFrolic is the collective independent work of comic artist r.Cailean Thompson.

He has been actively creating content since the debut of his long-running webcomic series, "Fajita", and in 2014 published a second print run of his short-story comic zine, "Esper's Toxin". He is currently at work on several projects, attempting to break further into the independent comics scene.

His influences include, but are not limited to:

Tove Jansson, Hajime Ueda, Ashley Witter, Foo Swee Chin, Nietzsche, Dan Kim, Tite Kubo, Anton LaVey, Ashley Wood, Hiroyuki Takei, Tool, Corey Lewis, Daniel Davison, Katsura Hoshino, Paul Pope, Jamie Hewlett.